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  • EPS Insulation Pipe best quality available

    Product Description

    STYROPIPE is a pipe section made of expanded polystyrene (EPS)

    • Used for the application of insulating chilled water pipe lines, hot water pipes, air conditioning ducts, etc.
    • Manufactured in semi-circular shells of variable thickness (diameter) and length
    • Unique interlocking mechanism (optional) present to keep pipe section in place
    • Increased insulation due to low thermal conductivity – Due to the closed air-filled cell structure of EPS that inhibits the passage of heat or cold, a high capacity for thermal insulation (long-term R-value) is achieved
    • Flexible in size (wall thickness) and grade (material density) based on client specific application and requirement

    o Typical grades used are between 10kg/m3 and 35kg/m3
    o Standard wall thickness of pipes are 25mm, 50mm, 100mm

    • Lightweight – easier and faster to transport and install, reducing labor and transportation costs
    • Grade A fire retardant – All Styrocem products contain a flame retardant that reduces the flammability and spread of flame on the surface, making these pipe sections perfect for industrial use
    • Low water absorption – EPS does not absorb moisture and its and its properties are unaffected by moisture or humidity
    • Ageing resistance – All properties of EPS are retained over the material’s life, lasting as long as the structure itself
    • Environmentally Friendly – EPS is CFC and HCFC free and 100% recyclable

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